Childhood psychological hurt

Childhood psychological hurt

1.      Choose a time of the day which suits you (a quiet time, not too late at night).

2.      Let yourself come back to a difficult situation from your past.

3.      Don’t judge your emotions. They are signals that something went wrong for you. Be compassionate towards yourself.

4.      Remember that emotions have no moral value only actions have. Actions can be negative, hurtful or good. Emotions are pleasant or unpleasant.

5.      Meet the child in you that was hurt.

6.      Feel his/hers emotions.

7.      Be compassionate and loving towards your inner child.

8.      Take the inner child into your arms with love and care. Give your inner child the time and space to come to you.

9.      Perhaps there was not enough love from your parents. You may want to think about people who were capable of loving or about the Creator of everything who cares and loves for his creation and never impinges on its freedom.